About Shopsmith Brand

About the Shopsmith Abrasives Brand

Shopsmith and Ali Industries have teamed up to offer a complete line of premium abrasive products under the Shopsmith Abrasives banner. This complete line of professional quality abrasives are sure to set a new standard in performance and qulaity for the next generation.

Shopsmith premium abrasives combines high performance grains with the most durable backings to create the fastest cutting and longest lasting abrasives available today. We are so confident that you are going to love our products that we places our 4X Performance Guarantee on every package.

Ali Industries currently supplies sandpaper and abrasive products to over 25,000 hardware co-op and automotive stores throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. Our standard line of products has grown into a family of related product lines described on this site. Our continuing goal is to provide the industry with durable, performance-designed premium quality sandpaper and abrasives that will more than satisfy the consumer. Our founder’s philosophy that “Price only gets people in the door once, but higher quality is what brings our customers back” still remains and is an important reason why we have been able to develop such a successful company.