220 Grit – Fine Scuffing

Premium Sandpaper – For between coats of latex and oil-based paint, stain, polyurethane, varnish, sealer and lacquer

Multipurpose Sandpaper – For final finish sanding and preparation before stain and varnish

Bare Wood Sandpaper – For light sanding between stain and sealer

Drywall Sandpaper – For final smoothing and feathering of joint compound prior to painting

Waterproof Sandpaper – For removing raised fibers and blending repairs, as well as leveling and smoothing surfaces and repaired areas prior to priming

Ceramic – For scuffing and de-whiskering primers and sealers, as well as for fine smoothing raw wood

Film Backed Sandpaper – For fine smoothing and scuffing and dewhiskering primers and sealers. Use of raw wood for fine smoothing

Remember to sand with successively finer grades of sandpaper for ultimate finishing results.