Ceramic Sanding Belts 3″ x 18″ 120 Grit 1Pk

Item: 12234

Shopsmith® ceramic 120 grit sanding belts are made with a tough and aggressive ceramic grain which last longer than any other abrasive materials available.  The combination of the tough ceramic grain and the extreme duty poly-cotton backing make ShopSmith® ceramic sanding belts the best choice for hogging off stock, roughing out shapes, removing finish as well as leveling uneven boards.

  • Best for raw surface preparation on wood, drywall, fiberglass and metal
  • For use on power belt sanders and bench top sanders
  • The ceramic grain runs cooler to reduce heat build-up during sanding
  • Bi-directional flush joint runs smoothly in both directions
  • Removes paint from siding, floors, decks, boats and lawn furniture
  • Advanced resin-bonding system for increased durability and performance
  • Heat resistant, reinforced tape joint for maximum seam durability
  • The extreme duty poly-cotton cloth backing resists tearing and wear increasing the life of the sanding belt